As the name suggests, Royce Howland Print Studio was founded by Royce Howland. Royce is a fine art photographer and master digital print-maker based in Calgary, Alberta.

Pursuing photography seriously starting in 2005, Royce was drawn immediately to the potential of digital equipment and the creative control possible with the digital darkroom. The ability to share photographs far and wide electronically via the Internet was also a new way to reach viewers. However, looking at photographs and other art strictly on computer screens quickly developed a feeling of being stale, dissatisfying and soulless for him.

While living and working in Colorado for a time, Royce took advantage of traveling in the US Southwest. Visiting galleries and museums, he was able to see incredible original prints from the hands of master photographers dating back to the early 1900’s. These experiences convinced him that even in the era of digital, print was still the best way to present important images. So he began to master the tools, workflow and materials of digital print in order to recover for himself the wonderful expressiveness of putting pigment on paper.

Fast forward 10 years, and Royce ended his original career in IT to take up professional digital print-making alongside his own personal fine art photography work. He spent 4 amazing years in senior roles at the preeminent Calgary-based fine art print service. During this time he worked with clients ranging from regular folks with important photo memories to photography enthusiasts; from commercial photographers to visual artists, both emerging and well-established. Prints that Royce produced for clients can be found in venues ranging from prominent public and commercial galleries, to private and corporate collections, to the homes and personal portfolios of the image creators.

In 2019 Royce founded RHPS to continue working in inspiring collaborations with photographers and artists. He continues to welcome the opportunity to work with all for whom the print matters. Excellence in expressive print is his passion, his ikigai.